Trail running shoes, keys for purchase

The terrain, the weather, the distance or your own body are key factors to take into account when choosing the perfect shoes to run on the track to train or compete.

Choosing a successful trail running shoe is not an easy task, as many factors must be taken into account in order not to make a mistake in the purchase. It is a process that should not be taken lightly, as trail running is a very particular modality or sport where the terrain, climate and physiological conditions can change constantly, and finding a shoe capable of working well for a runner in that constant dynamic is quite complicated. So don’t worry if you see a very extensive catalogue of possibilities, following these guidelines the wide distribution will be reduced to a handful of models and will make your selection easier.

To choose a suitable model of the path we must know our characteristics, weight, rhythms, experience, technique, injuries, as well as the models of previous shoes that have gone well and badly.

Then we have to analyze the type of terrain, the time and the usual distances for which we need the shoe and eliminate those that do not fit this terrain and us.

Finally and with several options already in mind, the ideal would be to go to a store and that the adjustment of your foot is the last factor that helps us to make the final decision. Among the models previously selected, choose the one that is most pleasant and comfortable for your foot, bearing in mind that the fit and size are adequate, do not be afraid to take four laps around the tent to try them a little earlier, at the end and in the exit to the trail runners we like to run off track, right?