They create glasses that measure sports activity

The company VSP Global has created glasses that perform the same functions as activity wristbands, measuring your heart rate and calories burned. The glasses, which are being tested by the company’s employees, will be able to accurately count the steps of who wears them. The advantage of this model compared to other intelligent glasses is its design, because apparently in this new model the technology is camouflaged, so its true function goes completely unnoticed.

The glasses are being tested, and changes are being made to improve their aesthetics and battery and reduce their weight.

These electronic devices that record movements are in fashion and their sales are growing. However, many studies reveal that many of the consumers of these products abandon them in less than six months; therefore, the company that is developing these glasses bets on this accessory because it is a common element in everyday life. In terms of price, they estimate that it will not exceed the current cost of conventional frames.

The prototype with which the practices are being carried out in a black frame with hardly any adornments. On the left side are the accelerometer, the magnetometer, the gyroscope and the rechargeable battery. The connection to know the provided data is made through Bluetooth, arriving the information to the downloadable application for smartphones. Currently, the glasses have a battery life of four hours.

The problems encountered by designers when introducing the product in the market are several. On the one hand, the left sideburn, containing all the electronic components, is thicker than the right sideburn, although at first glance it cannot be seen. They also have a higher weight than conventional glasses, which could become annoying after wearing them for a few hours. Finally, they are still studying how to charge the battery of the glasses, so far has been done with two small metal dots located inside the left temple, but believe that it is not the best way, for aesthetics and comfort.

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