Bulgarian sack

To achieve these goals, the Bulgarian bag is a type of sports equipment that is already used by many personal trainers.

Bulgarian bags also known as sandbags or weight bags are bags that were originally filled with sand to increase their weight, which implied a greater effort to perform the exercises with it, but have evolved and are now in the market of different weights and sizes, and logically does not require the same in their routines a rugby player of 110 kilos, that a dancer who weighs half.

Also, they are not bags like boxing bags for hitting, as they have handles that allow you to grab them to move them in the exercises, or lift them. Christian Ducos, the personal trainer and creator of the Lynx Cross training system, underlines the suitability of including Bulgarian bags in the world of fitness because “they are the most optimised object, due to their ergonomic design and their proportions”. And this is the main reason why it is increasingly replacing traditional dumbbells and weight bars.

The birth of the Bulgarian bag comes, as Ducos explains, from the world of Greco-Roman wrestling: “the origin was to physically prepare the wrestlers. Its creator is precisely a wrestling trainer: Ivan Ivanov.

What is the Bulgarian bag and what will contribute to your workouts

The Bulgarian sack provides functional training, the ultimate aim of which is to ensure that what is being worked on is applied to the activities of daily life; in other words, it does not only focus on the sport itself. Also, to lift and manipulate it in many exercises, the whole musculature is required, which provides a harmonious and proportionate muscular development.

Expert Christian Ducos explains that the Bulgarian sack is “a training technology that replicates movements of the Greco-Roman wrestling. Therefore, the origin is to improve explosive and cardiovascular performance.

However, the expert also notes that its use gains “stability of legs, especially knees, speed in explosive actions involving complex movements of the shoulders, basic to prevent injuries in wrestlers, and a rapid recovery between intervals of explosive actions.

Also, personal trainer Elena Malova notes that it “serves to increase the intensity of the training. And this is how some professionals began to introduce it in the fitness sessions in which Christian Ducos emphasizes that “its usefulness is oriented to the motor development in dynamic actions, in the control of the zone of the nucleus and the cardiovascular work”.

Also, the constant work with the Bulgarian sack produces an effective burning of calories by constantly mixing exercises. For this reason, Ducos points out that “it is a perfect tool for HIIT or Tabata training”.

Strengthening the muscles will also help to gain flexibility and reduce the risk of suffering muscular or joint injuries. This is especially the case for wrestlers of any modality, both Greco-Roman wrestling, Canarian wrestling, martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-jitsu, and so on.